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1. From how many years can a boat be rented without a driver's license?
The minimum age is 18 years.

2. When and which boat license do I need?
For boats over 5 meters and more than 15 hp power, an internationally recognized boat license is required (e.g.SBF-See).

3. What happens in bad weather?
In case of thunderstorms, heavy rain, wind or high swells we do not rent out boats. It can be canceled free of  charge or we will look for an alternative date. Therefore our recommendation: "Do not rent a boat on the last day of your vacation".

4. How far can I go by boat?
Boats without a license can sail within the bay of Alcudia. Great spots are reached, which we explain before the explain before the start of the trip. E.g. Coll Baix, Aucanada, Playa de Muro, Son Serra de Marina, Colonia St. Pere and of course the Na Clara and Es Caló coves.
Boats with a license can sail north-west to the Cala Sant Vicenc. Beautiful bays like the Coll Baix, Playa Formentor, the Cala Murta, Cala Gossalba, Cala Figuera or the big Cap Formentor can be approached.
Towards the east the bays Na Clara, Es Calo, Aubarca, Cala Torta, Cala Mesquida up to the blue lagoon Cala Molto near Cala Ratjada.

5. I have never driven a boat before. Is there a briefing?

Every customer receives a detailed briefing. On the basis of map material we start clearly on land with the the briefing to the area. We continue on board the boat with a briefing and a test drive in the harbor. We drive boats out of the harbor and pick them up again on their return and pick them up on their return at the harbor entrance. The We take care of the mooring maneuver.

6. When should I be at the port?
Arrive at the harbor 20 minutes before the beginning of the booking formalities and to receive the briefing.

7. At what time do we start?
Charter starts in the morning from 09.00. In the afternoon between 14.00 - 15.00, depending on the booking  period and the season.

8. What else do I need to bring?
The driver / renter of the boat must have an identification document (identity card, passport, DNI). If a boat is rented with driver's license is rented, of course, the driver's license.

9. How many people are allowed on board, do children and babies count?
Each boat has a prescribed max. number of persons, which may not be exceeded. Also babies and children, no matter how old, count here as well.

10. Do the boats have a sunshade?
All boats have a sunshade (bimini). Please take enough sunscreen with you.

11. Are life jackets, especially for children on board?
All boats have sufficient life jackets. For Children in every age group are provided with life jackets. Of course also the prescribed safety equipment.

12. Is the boat rental Mallorca always reachable during the trip?
Yes, all boats have a cell phone, in which we can be reached in case of emergency. are reachable in case of emergency. Furthermore we can see the location of the boat tracking at any time the location of the boat.

13. Is there music on board?
All boats have loudspeakers and YouToube/Spoitfy, which can be used free of charge.

14. What else is included in the price?
All boats are insured. Furthermore we give free of charge theemergency cell phone, a cool box with soft drinks or on request diving goggles and snorkels. Boats with license receive a donut for the water fun.

15. Can we bring our own food or drinks?

Yes. Food and drinks can be brought in. To ensure safety on board, large quantities or high percentage alcohol are high-proof alcohol is not permitted on board.

16. Are dogs allowed on board?
No, unfortunately dogs are not allowed on board.

17. How can I pay?
In advance by bank transfer or paypal. On site you can also pay with debit/credit card or cash.

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